Meet Jarratt Haviland.


Certified Advanced Sugar Hair Removal Specialist and Master Educator
Keko Professional Sugaring
Sugar of the Nile

Licensed Cosmetologist

Bachelors of Science
Louisiana State University


I discovered sugaring while looking for an alternative hair removal process due to an unsightly, painful reaction caused by waxing and a dissatisfaction with the pseudo-smoothness provided by a razor.

After falling in love with the process and the result, my search for a local place providing this miracle service was met by a startling realization--there were ZERO locations in Louisiana offering sugaring! In an effort to make sure our gorgeous, beauty-conscious southern belles could experience ultra-smooth, radiant skin, I made the trek back to San Diego in order to be certified as an Advanced Sugar Hair Removal Specialist.

Since first introducing sugaring in May 2014, the desire of local women to ditch old methods of hair removal for an effective and affordable alternative has been overwhelming, humbling and incredibly satisfying. Hence, the birth of Sugar and Bronze. 

Here's to you, ditching that razor, and showing off your unrivaled smooth skin!

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